Friday, June 30, 2006


I found this on my old babysitters myspace blog! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! She really hated us! I want to know why!!!!!! Can anyone extract any hidden meaning in these words? Besides the fact that she is F***ING FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"What I was trying to blog last week was that I had my last day of work with one of the families. The last day was with the Starr Family. Thank God it was not with the Loftis Family. If it was with the Loftis', I would be horribly upset right now. Anyway, so back to the Starr Family. It feels really good to not work for them anymore. I feel at peace. I also have freedom. I started working with the Starr's back in January. A couple of months went by, and I was getting a sense that I was not supposed to be working for this family anymore. I worked for a good family, but there was just something deep down in me that kept telling me that this was not the place for me. Anyway, so the door opened for me to have my last day of work with this family as of last Thursday. There were numerous reasons why this door opened. For instance, there are 3 straight weeks that I would not be babysitting for this family. Also, the schedule with the Loftis' will be changing in August which would affect the family. Of course, with all of this change comes the gap and starting back over in square one. Yep, here I am once again on the same path/cycle of looking for a part-time job that will meet the needs of the schedule, the income, etc. Of course, it sets me back with some goals. Okay, my random thought right now is that this is not setting me back. I am moving forward. Through God's Help, God is moving me forward. Wow! It feels really good to hear that God is moving me forward. I trust God for what He is going to do with me and in me.

Also, lately, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. The self-discovery of my heart. Also, it has been a self-discovery of The Truth vs. The Lies. The Good vs. The Evil. I have been able to distquinsh lately the lies that attack me or others vs. truth. The Enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy. God wants to give us life. I am learning and processing so many things right now. It is a bit overwhelming, but it is so good for me. Also, I can relate so well with the picture of the Yo-Yo that was described on Sunday.

I also had something in my blog about relationships. I am not able to expand on this topic right now because my mind and heart is still processing the thoughts. What I can tell you is that they have been hard. At all levels, relationships have been very difficult. I know that relationships are important to me. I know I am wanting a balance. I know I am wanting support. I know I am wanting life to flow from relationships. All I know is that I feel as if I haven't been getting a healthy balance in any of the previous areas I mentioned. The word respect entered the mind. Well, one day I will expand on this topic. In the meantime, Blessings to All and Much Love."


Keithclan said...

She sounds like a real bitch and stuff... I would sooo comment that the feeling went both ways, and let her know that anyone who can spend time with your kids and not like them is DEFINITELY going to hell so she might as well quit with all that "holier than thou" crap!

Anonymous said...

OK..That is so bizarre! What is wrong with her? Thank God she's not in your house anymore. -Camille

Anonymous said...

Hello? She sounds like a classic nutjob. Maybe you could get her in as a client at Trilogy. She should lay off the bible for a bit and come back to reality.


Summer said...

How sad that she was in your house!!! It's her deal on how she may have felt about you and Wade, but those are our babies she bad mouthing!!!