Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ok, most of you know that my wonderful, adoring husband decided last minute to get us tickets on Ebay to the Radiohead concert in Berkeley during our vacation in California. Let me start by saying that in theory this was awesome. The band is practically extinct and were only playing 6 shows in the United States. Radiohead is sooo our band. I heard them for the first time before I met Wade in Dallas in 1992 while slightly inebriated with friends from college. I didn't know them at the time and the show was actually free and being the cool under 21 year old girls that we were, when our fake i.d.'s worked, we were pumped. When I met Wade and he played them for me, I slightly remembered this show and said, "I think I like these guys." Wade thought the same and then they came out with hit after hit album. We LOVED them and saw them any chance we got, which wasn't a lot, since even then they didn't play that much live. Thom Yorke is weird. He always has been, touting strange verbage and then there's the eye. If you don't know what I mean, please google his name and look at his face. Kinda weird. Anyway, we were both excited for this show knowing that this would probably be the last time we would ever see them again. It was kind like closing a chapter in our lives. The show was at the Greek theater on the campus of U of Berkeley. The venue was very cool: outdoor, colliseum look-a-like (of course you couldn't smoke, another reason to loathe California), but cool nonetheless. They played 25 songs and I knew 4. Two from the bends and two from OK computer. The four songs I did know were soo not good. You could tell that he really didn't want to sing them and was just doing them out of obligation for idiots like me who like the old stuff. All the rest were new and his new is techno! or techno his way. It was very strange.
I am NOT complaining. Even though I didn't know many songs, it was still really fun hanging out with the hubs shopping and eating (that's really what we do best!) And we didn't get lost one time (our most often reason for out of town fighting). So I certainly wouldn't have not gone. Plus, I got to see a lot of peculiar people doing mushrooms AND I kinda hung out near the complimentary medic area. Oh yea, I saw some groovy shit. Those Californians like their psychedelics!

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